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Monday, May 14, 2012

Carpin' with the GoPro

Last week I ventured out a few times to scope out a couple new potential carp waters.  The two locations both looked as good in person as they did on Google Earth.  They both had expansive flats with water less than knee deep, and both had a good mix of flooded vegetation.  The downside, as always, was water clarity.  This is to be expected with flood waters, but it's still frustrating.  I had no trouble finding fish at either location.  I assumed carp, but could only assume, as all I could see were wakes or mud plumes from fleeting fish. Visibility wouldn't be a problem in water this shallow if only the fish would give themselves away by tailing.  Maybe it's a little early yet, because tailers were few and far between. I did enjoy my fair share of blind casting and targeting slow moving wakes. 

I was rewarded with a few hook-ups, but was only able to seal the deal on one fish.  I have a feeling the fun is just beginning though, as these spots are going to be carptastic once the tails start tipping!  Below is some video from the last two outings.