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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Montana Roadtrip - Last Leg (7 months later)

So it's been 7 months since my last post, and I kind of left the end of last Summer's trip to Montana hanging in the balance.  Between being busy at work, buying a new house, getting married, Summer winding down, and the Fall hunting seasons beginning, I managed to neglect my digital scrapbook.  So much time has passed since these pictures were taken I don't remember too many details. But I want them in the archives so here they are, with minimal description.

I do remember our last stop was the Bighorn River.  The scenery was reminiscent of a river on the Kansas plains, but the fishing was everything we could hope for to close out what had been an exciting, whirlwind of a road trip.

We slipped the boat in just below Yellowtail dam, reluctantly avoiding the Big Lips Carp tournament that was going on up at the lake. Well I was reluctant, but the two who out-voted me were eager to get after some trout.

It seems the fish were hungry and not too much time would pass between hook-ups.

We spent the night in Cottonwood campground and made the long haul back to KC in the morning.  At least I didn't have to drive the whole time!