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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Went Carp Fishing, and I feel I Need to Explain Myself

Over the last 6 months I'd been reading a lot about guys goin' out Carpin' throughout the Midwest with fly rods.  It really intrigued me.  Everyone who wrote about it claimed it was the best thing since bull fries.  It was compared to sight-fishing Redfish along the Gulf Coast or flats-style bonefish hunting in some white sands, blue water tropical paradise.  The scenery comparison is definitely more than a bit of a stretch, but the style of fishing is supposedly spot-on.  Casting to "tailing" fish which require a precise, delicate cast so as not to spook them sounded like my kind of fish party.  Not to mention the fact that they can get BIG.   Did I mention they explode into an insanely powerful run the second they know they're hooked, often taking the flyline well into the backing.  Add to that the fact that when other local sportfishing slows down during the heat of the summer, carp become even more active.  I had to try this.

I decided to document my carp fishing excursions on this blog as a way to keep a sort of logbook of my season.  Hopefully I'll be able to update it fairly regularly with reports and pictures of many epic battles with Kansas' Golden Bones. 

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