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Monday, November 8, 2010

First Hunt in West Canyon

  Friday afternoon I finally got the South wind I needed to hang a stand in the West Canyon.  This was the canyon I had been getting the biggest bucks on trail camera over the last two weeks.  Roll that beautiful bean footage.


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  1. You dumbass!!! You said you were too busy texting me "complaining 'bout da heat"...maybe its because you are wearing a stocking cap and thick and warm clothing in 60 degree weather.. I know you put that stocking cap on just to make yourself look cool, because you have done shit like that before. Anyways, awesome footage man! I think that buck right at dark is the same buck from earlier on in the video. It would have been hard to pass that first buck that came in that evening. I think that is the stand you are going to lay the smack down in this weekend.