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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Camping Trip

Headed East again this weekend to do a little fishin'.  The weather forecast called for cold temps, but little chance of snow.  This time I brought along my camping gear.  2 1/2 hours is too far to go for a day trip!

This spot looks just about right.

 As much work as it took to hollow out, it sure better be comfortable!

I think I need a welcome mat. 

Living room with a skylight!

I think this is a type of Redhorse....a member of the sucker family?

Another small brown trout from the same hole I caught them in last week.  I also hooked a rainbow there today, but it popped off as I was trying to grab it.

In front of Big Springs, headwaters of Canfield Creek.


  1. Hey sorry I have not commented on your blog lately. But I am sure, or in fact, actually I know that everybody that looks at this post of "Survivor Scott" wants to ask the question of why do you go in to town to eat after you dig this incredible snowcave. That ruins how cool this video was suppose to be. We want you to eat raw meat and venture further into the hellishly freezing cold abyss!

  2. First of all, I am sure, in fact, and actually know all say the same thing, so you could have taken any 2 of the 3 out and made a more concise sentence.
    To answer your poorly phrased question, I couldn't eat the trout I caught because it was a catch and release section of the stream. Plus it was cold out and I wanted somebody else to cook for me. It was never supposed to be a survival trip, just a fishing trip with cheap accommodations!