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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Colorado Roadtrip - Back to Fishing

I was tired and sore as I headed back towards the Conejos.  The day was getting late as I decided to make a slight detour in order to fish the Piedra River the following morning.  Heading North out of Pagosa Springs towards Williams Creek Reservoir the clouds opened up and gave the Pilot a much needed car wash.  Brief breaks in the rain revealed a slightly eerie, serene view of the valley.  I found a nice spot to park the car for the night, excited for what tomorrow had to offer.

The following morning I pulled into the trailhead parking lot along the river.  I wanted to fish the confluence of Williams Creek.  There was a trail that followed the Piedra around the mountain that would have taken me right to where I needed to be, but I tried to cut over. 

This birds-eye view of the Piedra is not what I had in mind when I decided to take a short-cut.  I needed to be down there.  Since I left my climbing gear at home, I had to backtrack a mile or so to the trail.  My already beaten-down legs were hating me right now, but the will to fish carried me on. 

Finally where I needed to be!  The water looked perfect, and I was able to forget all about the raw blisters on my toes and heel. 

I put my rod together and debated what bug to try first.  A quick look at the rocks made the decision for me.

  I think I had something close enough.

It wasn't long before a pretty little rainbow agreed with my selection.

Followed in short order by a handful of eager browns.  I was lovin' this place!

I worked my way up towards a great looking deep run.  My indicator took a dunk on the first cast, bending the 3 weight right over.  I knew instantly this was a better fish, and in that same instant I saw the fish flash in the depths as the fly came back at me.  Bummer.  I continued fishing the length of the run, battling with a few more fish.  But it wasn't until I was about to move on when I was once again hooked up into a "nice one".  I'm not sure if it was the fish from before or not, but I was thrilled with the fight this guy put up!

Figuring this would be a tough one to top this day, I sent him on his way and hiked back to the car.  Successful day.  Check. 


  1. Awesome! Great photos from a great day...looks like you had a ton of fun.

  2. The colors in these photos are so intense. Beautiful! Nice work on the fish, the photos, and the writing! I very much enjoyed. :) Hope your blisters are getting better!