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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Staab's 2011 Buck Recovery

Friday morning just before sunrise I was sitting atop a canyon overlooking a winter wheat field with about 7 deer running around on it.  The overcast sky had just lightened up enough for me to see that the one buck was probably a shooter.  I look at my cell phone to check the time and saw I had a new message.  Staab says he "just smoked a decent buck".  I hunted for about another hour or so until the deer out on the wheat headed to bed in the opposite direction.  It's always fun to go help blood trail a deer, so I hopped in the truck to go look.  The trail was pretty spotty, without more than a couple drops at any given spot.  We lost the trail completely and decided to just fan out in the direction the deer was headed.  When that search came up empty, we went back to the last blood and made the assumption that the deer made an unexpected 90 degree turn.  Here's the footage of the seach.

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