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Thursday, January 22, 2009

2008 Hunt w/opossum harvest

Here's a video from early November, 2008. It starts in my treestand over the new food plot I planted this September. The wheat/clover would have come up nicely but it was being grazed heavily by a few family groups, and it wasn't big enough to support very many deer. Before first light I noticed something in the plot. As it grew lighter I realized it was a young bobcat. While I was watching the bobcat I spotted a nice buck....well just watch the video.

I wasn't able to shoot any deer in 2008, but I passed on more bucks than ever. It was a fun season, but disappointing because I couldn't drop the string on a bruiser. I'll post some more video from the rest of the season on here whenever I get around to it. Stay tuned...

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