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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Western Whitetails '06

For an extended weekend every November, a group of friends have been taking off work or school to get together and head out to western Kansas to drink beer and chase whitetails. This has turned into a tradition that I hope to keep going for years to come. This picture was from the trip that started it all: Saturday November 18, 2006. Goodman and Bayes had taken off work Thursday and Friday and had already been hunting for two days when I arrived Friday night. We discussed strategy for the next morning's hunt. Bayes and Goodman would travel to a piece of land they had permission on about 20 minutes away while I would stay close, then we would all meet up for lunch. I don't recall what I saw that next morning, but I didn't shoot any deer, so I crawled down from my treestand around 11:30 a.m. and headed to the truck. No phone messages yet, they must still be sitting. Finally around 12:30 pm I got a phone call saying they had two bucks hit! Bayes had hit a nice 10 pointer, but was afraid the shot was a little high and noticed he didn't get much arrow penetration. He went over to tell Goodman the news and noticed Goodman was smiling ear to ear. He had just arrowed a deer himself! They quickly found goodman's deer then called me to come help look for Bayes' deer. We spent midday searching for sign but found no blood. I left them two to go back to another treestand for an evening hunt. As I climbed down the hill towards my stand, I noticed other hunters were on the property crawling under the fence and stalking a deer near my stand. I assumed they had permission and didn't want to disturb them ,so I snuck down the hill a ways and set up on the hillside behind a cedar tree. As evening approached I heard a deer coming out of the big draw to the south of me. It passed about 40 yards through some trees as I studied it's rack debating whether or not to take a shot. By the time I made up my mind to try a shot, the deer was past me. I quickly reached for my grunt call to attempt to turn the deer back. A few short grunts caused the buck to make a 90 degree left turn, sending him on a path along the fenceline that would put him about 35 yards straight north of me when he cleared a big cedar tree. I was already at full draw as the buck's rack cleared the cedar, and when his vitals were visible I released the arrow. It was a perfect shot, and I watched the buck fall not 80 yards away! It was an unbelievable Saturday, and we all agreed we'd try to repeat the feat again the following year.
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