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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Day on the Water

 I made the drive to open water again on Saturday.  The forecast for Sunday looked a little shaky, so a day trip was all I had planned.  The warmer weather from the week before had the stream running a little high and off-color.  I hoped this would have the trout on the prowl. 

Apparently the deer around here are trained to point trout.  I agreed with them.  It looks like there should be some right about there.

They were right!  Hooked into this guy with an olive wooly bugger stripped across the tail-out of the pool above.   No measurements were taken, but he was definitely a contender for my best of the season.  I was onto trout all day, with most taken on a #12 black stonefly nymph. 


  1. Congrats on a nice fish. I love that close up pic.

  2. Hey I want your camera! That thing takes very clear pictures. Im getting a new one. What is the make and model?

  3. Thanks, the cameras a Pentax Optio W90. It's a pretty sweet little camera.