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Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Weekend, New Stream

  Another weekend of winter fly fishing is in the books.  With a promising weather forecast, I set out to try another one of Southeast Minnesota's winter trout streams.

Overcast weather and a balmy 22 degrees!

                                                                          Great looking water full of eager, but small, brown trout.                                  
 Took a hike in the snowshoes up a tributary known to hold Brook Trout. I did see some Brookies, but not until after they saw me.              

I took it pretty easy on Saturday, just enjoyed being out there.  I probably caught close to 10 trout, but none significant enough to bring the camera out of the pocket.  Decided to stay the night in this cozy little downtown motel.
Room with a view!! Where economy meets necessity!

Sunday morning I popped out of bed, picked up a cup of coffee, and made the short drive back to where I'd spent the day before.  The fishing was quite a bit more challenging, but I was able to get this guy to eat.  Felt obligated to get a picture of the only fish of the morning.  

Stopped fishing around mid-morning Sunday and collected a few bugs.   Saw the Green Giant on the way home. 


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  1. 22 degrees, small creek, little brownies, gotta love it!