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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shed Hunt: Part 2

Here are the pictures from Saturday's shed hunt.  Rachel and Vanek joined Staab and I, and we were able to cover more ground than usual.  The first spot we checked had plenty of deer sign, but no antlers.  Here's a picture of Vanek searching for some barren-ground whitetail sheds.

   We headed over to check around a pond that always has lots of deer sign around it.  I spotted some tall tines sticking up out of some dead leaves behind the dam.  As I walked over to pick up antler, I could hear voices over the pond dam yelling that Vanek had found one too.  I was hoping they were a set, but no dice. 

We followed the main drainage to the South, checking out all the feeder draws along the way.  At the upper end of one of the feeder draws, just before it trickled out into pasture, Staab and I mumbled and pointed at the same time at this fresh set sitting under a tree. 

We finished out that drainage and circled back towards where the trucks were parked.  Rachel wanted to get home to watch the K-State basketball game at noon, and the rest of us were getting thirsty.  The way back revealed a good omen for the coming fall.  The hunter sees his shedow. 

Back at base camp we had a few beers and snacks.  Rachel headed home, leaving behind the antlers from the day before.  We needed them for the picture of the pile at the end of the day. 

It was hard to leave the picnic table and beer behind, but we still had a bunch of stuff we wanted to cover.  Things were kind of slow before Staab got on the board with this pick.

We got a call from Big Red, saying he was on his way out to meet up with us to go try another spot.  There were a lot more canyons to walk here, but we decided to give the new spot a try. 

The next spot looked a lot like this.  Between the heat, and the lack of sleep from the night before, I was really starting to drag.

Lots of open canyons, but not as much deer sign as the other areas we'd walked.  This place kept us interested because we've never walked it before, and were pretty sure nobody else had either.  After a few shedless miles, we decided to start circling back towards where we started.  Then out of nowhere, Big Red was on the board!  He didn't seem too thrilled.

We were almost back to the truck when Staab and Vanek saw another canyon they wanted to check out.  The main canyon split off in a "Y" pattern.  They were gonna walk up the right side first, cut over the top, then come back down the other side.  I saw an excellent opportunity to lay down in the sun and catch a nap.  To my surprise, they had antlers in their hands when they came back, but nothing special.  At this point everyone had hit the wall, and we were overdue for beer.  We cut across open pasture to make a beeline for the truck.  We were all surprised when Staab spotted these old, weathered, tines reaching out of the grass. 

Here we are with the sheds from the weekend.  Not a bad 2 day total. I think we ended up with around 23.

The drive home provided an odd reminder of the next season around the corner.  Potential buyer maybe?

I think he's interested.


  1. Hey you told the story exactly like I would have. That was an awesome weekend! It was amazing that we were all able to get together at the same time and look for some antlers! Also, I was going to let you know that turkey did purchase that car. He passed me up on Vine Street and noticed the the car looked familiar and then saw the "30 day tag!" I just saw a red head and thought "big red" beat him to the chase!

  2. Looks like you guys had and awesome weekend out shedding. Those photos of the turkey are pretty funny too

  3. Haha...yeah it was a good one. Staab, your comment confused the hell out of me at the end.