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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend Adventure: South-Central Missouri

In order to prevent a list of excuses as to why I was out-fished by a girl this weekend, the following blog post will be written by guest blogger Rachel. 

Trout Impossible!
My mission, if I choose to accept, is to catch trout on my fly-rod…well Scott’s fly-rod since he seems to have misplaced mine!  After arriving home from a long week at work and making sure I’m not going to have any visitors this weekend, we are on the road to Rolla, MO for our fishing adventure. After fighting rush hour traffic and listening to the Royals lose (again!), we made it to the Lane Springs Recreation Area.  We did find out we are pretty good at setting up camp in the dark. After a few beers, we hit the sack and awaited daybreak so we can hit the cool springs in the morning.

Scott was the early riser and fished the morning with no luck.  I slept in and was awakened by the smell of sausage and eggs.  It was now time to venture out see what we can catch.  Our first spot looked great since all the fish were piled up around the bridge.  Scott caught a few small rainbows, but I was having no luck whatsoever. 

On our way back to camp, we decided to fish by Newburg for a little bit.  Scott caught his first Longear Sunfish and I am still fishless. 

After some lunch, we decide to hit a few more spots since the storms look like they were headed north of us.  Finally, I get a fish! It was just a little guy, but it was a pretty Rainbow. Scott caught a crawdad and was pretty excited about that! 

Catching a few fish made walking though Stinging Nettles, navigating steep banks and scolding the otters worthwhile.  I was looking forward to the last morning of fishing.

Feeling rested after a good night’s sleep, we were rejuvenated and ready to catch more fish.  The morning was perfect, no wind, fog on the water and the fish were biting…at least for me! 

The Rainbows were enjoying the San Juan Worm.  After successfully catching more fish than Scott with my fly-rod for the first time, I felt the trip was complete. Scott repaid me by taking the “scenic” five hour drive home compared to the 3 hour 45 minute drive it should have been. I accepted my trout mission and successfully completed it.  This trip has given me more confidence for my fly fishing excursion in Alaska later this summer.


  1. gezz those colors on the sunfish are amazing!

  2. Really nice looking fish...well done!

    ...oh just curious if you ended up having a crayfish boil? :-)

  3. Great post , those fish out of there have some amazing colors for sure. Love that fifth pic of the stream...makes me wish I was there.