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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rachel's First Carp with a Fly Rod

I've been trying to get my fiance into fly fishing for carp this Summer.  We've been out quite a few times, but haven't had the best conditions or cooperative fish.  The conditions today weren't the best either with the wind blowing about 25 mph.  But Rachel finally got to dance with a Kansas Bonefish at John Redmond Reservoir on this 17th day of June, 2012.  I'm fairly certain I was more excited than she was as you can probably tell from the poor quality audio in the video.  

After paddling the kayaks into the wind back to the Carp Ride, it was time we headed to the nearest town to do what this trip was really about.

Buy a sweet moped affectionately named Gertrude by her previous owner.  It's a 1983 Suzuki F50 with all the bells and whistles, and, quoting the craigslist ad "legit racing tires"!  This is to serve as my new shuttle vehicle for future floats down lazy rivers.  No more paddling upriver or upwind!

It was quite the day.


  1. HeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaw! You rock, Rachel!

  2. Nice!! Did you happen to try below the dam for any whites or sauger?? probably not much water coming through the gates with the lack of rain recently i guess.

  3. Thanks guys....HPF, no we were in a bit rushed for time. I definitely thought about it when we were driving over the dam though. But who wants to catch a sauger when there are carp tails shining in the sun?! Maybe next time.