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Monday, October 4, 2010

First Coyote Bow Kill

Shot this guy from the treestand Sunday night.  I first noticed him along the creek across a bean field and tried to make a predator squeal sound with my lips.  I lost sight of him behind some trees, but several minutes later I heard the sounds of crunching grass.  One coyote was pushing out a thin crp strip that parallels the clover plot I was over.  I heard another crunching through the beans behind and to my left.  Eventually, 2 pups came out of the woodwork.  All four Coyotes messed around in the food plot in front of me.  The biggest dog stayed behind some foliage for about five minutes before I found a 4 inch hole in the leaves to put an arrow through.  The shot looked good as I heard the impact.  The 'yote turned and growled as he charged off to the north.  Again, I lost sight of him behind big tree limb.  I waited until dark to crawl down, then went to find a flashlight.  I enlisted Bayes' help, and we picked up the trail where the coyote entered the CRP on the north end of the plot.  Most of the blood was found rubbed up against the grass about knee high.  We followed the blood across an access road, then under the fence to the North .  The tracking was easier now that the coyote entered a bean field.  Large red blots stood out against the big green leaves in the lantern light.  About 150 yards into the beans we finally found the coyote.  The video below shows a little footage of the coyote in the distance before and after the shot.

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