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Monday, October 25, 2010

Treestand Profile: Riverview Stand

    I'm bored so I decided to post some pics of one of the new tree stands I hung over the weekend.  I'm doing it in a profile format I will use for other stand locations in the future.  It should give a little background to future videos where I'll mention the name of the stand I'm hunting from.

Overlook of Stand Location from Pasture Above  
I finally opted to put a stand here this year.  In the past I had avoided it because I was worried about  busting deer out of their bedding areas.  After watching over the area for several years, I've witnessed a lot of rutting activity on the open area near the stand.  I don't believe the area is as important of a bedding area as I had once thought.

Here is a standing East - looking West view of the stand. Hopefully shadows from the canyons to the East of the stand will keep the sun off me until 9:00 a.m. or so.  In the evenings, the stand will be on the shady side of the tree. 

North-East view from Stand

To the right you will see the view overlooking a trail coming up from the river bottom.

I hope to see a big buck following a doe up this trail as she leaves the crop fields to the North in the morning.

View to the East



   Looking East over the grassy bench between  the River and canyons.  I envision more than one  seeking-phase buck strolling across this bench 
towards my strategically placed decoy.

Southwest Shooting Lane

  The view off my back-right shoulder keeps me from being surprised by deer coming from the West.  It is also a quartering-away shot opportunity if I have towait on a buck to pass by me heading the other direction.

South Shooting Lane

   I tried leaving as many branches as possible covering my South shooting lane.  I expect the majority of the deer to walk either East or West through this gap. There is a heavy trail just below the gap in the "V" between the tree limbs that is not visible in the picture.

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