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Monday, October 18, 2010

October Doe

 Climbed into this newly hung stand around 5:30 Saturday morning.  As I quietly waited for daylight, I felt certain I would see some deer movement at first light. 
I was wrong.  But it was a good morning for getting some fall foliage pictures.

Sunday morning I had a little more luck:

Found Her Right Away

Not a Bad Pic from a Broken Tripod

Still Hasn't Moved


  1. Nice shot killer ninja! Hopefully you had your suit zipped up. If only all deer would drop like that doe when you shot her. Maybe we need to practice more spine shots, since it seems to work better!

  2. Nice, workin the cam and the bow! Pepper steaks for me too, see ya in a couple weeks.

  3. Upon further review, it's been concluded that it was not a spine shot. The broadhead hit the backside shoulder blade after going through both lungs. If you watch the deer in slow mo during the shot, you can see how far down she ducks. I'm still a deadeye.